Sustainable Tourism

Tonga is an island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The land seems untouched as it looks like paradise on earth. The beaches and the shores are empty and peaceful. 

Such a remote place does not have the strong influence of globalization known in many other islands. However, Tonga is targeted for its beauty and its potential for tourism development. For the island and its communities, these aspects could be seen as an opportunity, in which many risks reside. In many places, tourism impacted the local people and the environment.
Today's major challenge is to conserve the island's cultural aspects. The possible development could create an influence on the community empowerment. Its crucial to build the development of the island without breaking local rules and roots. Therefore, the education of the tongan could shape the development of the island. For example, a hospitality school is a good way to acknowledge people about sustainable tourism and environmental awareness. On the one hand, community empowerment is not obstructed as it could be if foreign entreprises would implement hotels. Nevertheless, cooperation is a key to success. Success that is to build a brighter future to the local communities and to preserve the island environment and culture.